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toshimi ([personal profile] toshimi) wrote2012-11-04 12:24 am

004; Battleground!

SO it's been a while since I posted. Hi.

Started watching Battleground yesterday and OMG. I already love this show to bits. I kept seeing ads for it while watching Political Animals this summer, and last night, totally burnt out from school, I decided to give it a go.

Okay, one, how adorable is Ben? Speaking like he was at a ren faire! Dropping the folders in an unintentionally genius move! Being stunned by the explicit sexts! Seriously he is like a babynerd and I just want to hug him.

Also, is it awful that I was shipping Tak/Ben at the end of the first episode? Is it just the slash goggles? I mean, between the letter saying "He'll be good for you" and Tak admitting, "Shit, I want you here"... I ship it. Although Lindsey is cute and the talking-heads segments with her and Ben are cute.


Also, why is Cole in jail? Though I'm probably going to find out if I just watch the other eight episodes, so...

Honestly, I'm probably just going to finish the rest of it like, this weekend. Eight more episodes * 20 minutes/episode = 2h40, plus a few extra minutes for ads is approximately 3h. Not too bad, it'd be like watching a movie. It helps that it's this weird mix of drama/comedy that just really works, too.

IDK guys I just really love this show.